Sunday, February 6, 2011

Remember Me?

Sorry I havent posted in the last couple of days...I kinda already broke my goal to post every day. In my defense, a lot has happened and I have had a life for the last few days. Friday I had a Hip hop performance! It was so fun! I was so happy my besties could come see it! Nina, Alli, and Danny sat in the back together. I think Alli and Nina truly enjoyed it- well, Nina said she thought it was cool, Alli fell asleep on Danny. Danny said he only came for me and after I went, he said he wanted to go home probably over twenty times before it was over. It was so fun to be back on stage again, but I really was nervous. I went to the mall again yesterday, and my mom bought me proactive...lets see how this thing works out. She also said family was making comments about my makeup and bought me new eyeliner, but took away my liquid. I was not happy with her. Today, I broke out the teal eyeliner, and Ive got to say, it hasnt been used for a while. It feels wierd to look in the mirror and not see my typical makeup. Well, it is only day one, and I hope to get used to it. I have to get used to it.

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