Saturday, July 23, 2011

Friends :)

Today was so fun! Avery's friend Dakota came to see her, but she was away with my mom. We guessed they would be home around in about twenty minutes so she stayed. Well its probably been two hours and they still arent home. It is such a good thing I love this girl! She is so cute! So we spent the day hanging out instead. Ha! Hahaha Avery! I got her to myself :)

I tried to make a hair bow for the first time, and I think it was good...for a first time! I also tried to get a picture of it but the light made it hard too see. Darn! Hehe, oh well, Im going to try again tomorrow!

Who doesnt love jumping shots!?

Skirt- forever 21; shoes- Old Navy(from fifth grade)! Jewelry- Thrifted;

I am so glad darling Dakota came to play! She helped out with the photography and was so fun to be with!

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  1. Sorry! We stole Avery and weren’t ready to give her back anytime soon!