Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What I Wore: 2-1-12

 I love the girls at my school.  It seems like the stylish girls all have an unspoken clique.  Even when we do not even know each other's names.  When we see an outfit we like, we make sure they know it.  We could be best friends to someone watching us.  Today was a social day.  I appreciate all of the nice compliments that I have received.  It is good for confidence.  It  has been decided to make an extra effort to compliment girls more.

 I have wanted to do a post featuring the fashion at my high school for a long time now.  Maybe this spring.  It could start up some fun conversations, increase blog followers, and I could make new friends at the same time!  It can only be called a win-win-win!
Shirt-Urban wear; Pants-Gap; Shoes-Nordstrom; Earrings-Nordstrom;

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  1. So pretty!! Love that top!!

    ox from NYC!