Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I Wore: Valentines Day 2012

 Happy Valentines day!  This year I opted for a vintage dress that I found over the weekend!  People at school would keep saying, "Wow, you must love Valentines day."  ...I really don't.  I just love the excuse to dress up!

 Valograms were handed out at school.  You could have the choice of a cookie, flower, or singing telegram. I could hear the school choir singing all the way down the hall!  No one in my class got one, and it is too bad, because I would have loved to see their face!  And if anyone is curious, no, I did not get any valograms.  But I am OK with it.  I sort of knew I wouldn't because I have never gotten them in junior high either.  One might have been nice.  But don't worry, I had a nice day.  Alli and I ate our worries away over some fries and free ice cream.  Nothing is better.


Vintage Dress-antique store; Cardigan- Charlotte Russe; Vintage Shoes- estate sale; Vintage belt-estate sale; vintage necklace- estate sale;

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