Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ten Reasons Why:

I make lists.  It is something I have always done, and always will.  This is just another way for me to list things off.
Today I was asked why I strongly dislike winter.  One answer will never do, so here are my ten reasons why:

  1. Winter is cold, and the cold stings.  
  2. Adventures are postponed until the weather is more pleasant.
  3. I trip on air.  Mix slush with slick tile and me in heels.  It is not good.  I actually fell today...
  4. I hate being wet.  Walking to and from the bus stop with snow on the ground leads to soggy socks and pant legs.
  5. I cannot wear my favorite outfit, which happens to be a summer dress.
  6. coloring with side walk chalk is not enjoyable in the cold.
  7. There aren't pretty and bright colors in nature.  
  8. The grass is yellow and crunchy.
  9. I cannot read outside in a swimsuit on grass.  There are many reasons why.
  10. I cannot run around barefoot. During the summer, everything is barefoot.
Does anyone agree with me?  What are your reasons for loving or disliking winter?

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