Monday, February 27, 2012

What I Wore: 2-27-12

 I have not worn this skirt since the first day of school.  I really went for the nerdy or preppy school girl look.  Looking back, I realize that I really do not post much about my life.  So-whats going on with me?  Unfortunately the reason I do not post about life is because nothing new has popped up in my life at all.  I got my tights for Christmas and have only worn them twice even though they are incredibly cute.  Why?  Because the adult's small is more like a child's small.  I must have looked like my cousin Connor the time he mowed the lawn in his mom's jeans.  Squat and waddle. I ripped them trying to pull them up at
 I would love to converse more about my uneventful life, but I have to grab my dog to prevent her from chewing on more glass.  Wish me luck!
Button up shirt-D.I.; Sweater-Forever 21; Skirt-Forever 21; Tights-Forever 21; Shoes-Nordstrom; Vintage Necklace-For sale;

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