Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's the Little Things...

  • Shopping all day!  Oh my word, so many beautiful things!  I cannot wait to post them!  '
  • Going to dinner with my mom, grandma and grandpa!  Then seeing The Vow!  I am not a chick-flick person, but it was good! 
  • While I was waiting for my mom and grandpa to park, a lady took pictures of me and my shoes!  
  • I taught myself how to crochet while I was sick in bed!
  • I started a backpack and bought more supplies to finish it!
  • I bought needles to learn how to knit next!
  • I also bought supplies to make a needlepoint purse!
  • New medicine that completely dried my face burns!!
  • I was drinking hot chocolate in the car on my way home and...we hit a bump.  Chocolate everywhere.  My clothes, hair, and up my nose. Ouch.
Have a happy Valentine's day! XOXO!

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