Saturday, February 25, 2012

It's the Little Things...

  • Having so much inventory I do not have a place to keep it!
  • My mom found a vintage makeup travel case!  I super hope she lets me keep it!!
  • I have been getting back into drawing.  Hooray!
  • My best friend Alli is competing out of state today for the school's ballroom team!  Good luck!
  • I took lots of pictures of clothes I am selling with my friend Hannah as the model, but there is something wrong with the memory card!  NO!
  • Sometimes I just feel cute.  I had a few of those days this week and it was oh so lovely.
  • As of this week, The Hunger games, my birthday, and the festival of colors all are in one month! 
  • The Hunger Games comes out on the very morning of my birthday, so I got tickets to the premier as an early present!
  • I have been thinking of changing blogs for some time.  I just get so frustrated and irritated with this one.  Maybe I will just switch up the looks and change the URL.  I know it wouldn't be smart because I would loose viewers who find my blog through its URL, but I think I just need a clean start, and this would be the way to do it because I could keep my past posts.  Thoughts?

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