Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Flaming Gorge Summer 2012

 I finally made my way up to Flaming Gorge!  It really is one of my favorite family vacation spots.  I hadn't been in years so it really was so fun to go up and remember all of the tiny details I had forgotten over the years like the rainbow cord that you tied the tubes to when we went boating, the cowboy boot shower curtain, and just how much you eat when you go down!

My aunt makes every meal!  My favorites are always her breakfasts because she pretty much makes anything you could ask for. So. Good!
 Avery went fishing for the first time!  I am amazed that she likes it so much because she can never sit still!

This is my cousin and Avery after he helped her reel in her first fish!
 We went garage sale-ing! I got tons of yarn and my sister got a really nice fishing pole for free!
We went boating!  I think this was my favorite part of the entire trip!

 I am a beginner wake-boarder but I still love it!  I thought it was so cool to see my uncle (second cousin?) to do all sorts of tricks after!

 I also drove a wave runner for the first time!  I took my sister out on them and she won't go out with me on them anymore because she says I am a crazy driver.  This is true.
 After we settled down and my family played cards while I crocheted with my new yarn!

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