Thursday, September 27, 2012

Weekly Craft: Another Crocheted Blanket

I have been working very hard on my next craft project over the last few weeks.  I had gotten so far and so sick of this flower pattern when I realized that I have been crocheting with two different shades of white yarn.   Goodness!  Because I am a perfectionist, I am probably going to scrap  half of the squares and continue working in one of the two shades of white.  Because I am a bit upset with this project I  think I am going to take a break and start something new first.


  1. That's a shame that the whites are different shades. Try doing a checker pattern or stripes with the two different shades?

  2. I thought of doing that...The only problem is that one of the shades of yarn is vintage and I couldn't find a exact match to it. Oh well!