Sunday, September 30, 2012

What I Wore: 9-29-12

 My mom, sister and I went to Gardener Village!  I love it there so much! This is the first Fall/Halloween activity we have done so far!  This is always a fun place to go to because of all of the boutiques.  I was so sad to find out that all but one of my favorite stores with antiques and vintage clothes were gone!  The biggest of the antique stores is still there, luckily.

I found a vintage dress in a window display and it was so cool!  It got even better when I saw the price.  A very small $25!!  I asked my (mom's) friend Amy, who works there if there was anything wrong with it.  It was in beautiful condition!  Too bad it was way huge on me when I tried it on!  I am just excited to have a paying job that is going to fund my vintage clothing store.  I will have so much!

 Vintage dress- Savers
Vintage Cardigan- Estate sale
Vintage belt- Estate sale
Vintage earrings- Estate sale

Every Halloween Gardener Village puts up witches all over!  This one was robotic!  She sways back and forth with the hula hoop.  She is definitely my favorite because I am a hula hooping veteran.

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