Monday, September 3, 2012

Swiss Days 2012

 On our way to Flaming Gorge, my mom, sister, and I went to the Swiss Days Festival!  I seriously love events like this.  All of the booths with hand-made things are so lovely!
I loved the way this booth used the dresser as a display!
 Bunting and poms are my favorite!

 Vintage dress- Estate sale
Bag- Target

 Avery has let me know that she wants me to crochet her an animal hat for Christmas.  Will do, little sis!

 Avery loves the jewelry.  She is just like me!

 I though these dog collars were just too cute!

It was so fun!  It really is something I look forward to every fall.  The only downer this year was when two (very) rude ladies stopped and basically told us off for bringing Harley(our dog).  One lady kept saying."Can't you read those signs?!"  We planned on coming on our way to Flaming Gorge and didn't know that dogs weren't allowed because we saw them last year.  My mom carried our dog the entire time even to make sure she didn't pee on anything.  We still got yelled at.  

But I like to think positive.  It was fun!

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