Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hey Grandma...

Today while I was waiting for the bus to pick me up from school, a boy called over to me saying,"hey grandma!" No, this was not one of those accidentally call your teacher 'mom' moments. This was a kid who thought he was going to bother me. On the inside, I was truly laughing very hard, because the boy had no idea that 1) that is the look I was going for(vintage, duh!) and 2) It only means that I have been recognized for my fashion at school. Now, you tell me, what part of that was an insult again?

Today I was oh so excited to wear the first of my grandmas old clothes. The green coat was hers. The skirt was my first buy from savers. The necklace is vintage also.
I am sorry to say that the pictures truly do not do this amazing outfit justice. I was very cold and was eager to get into my lazy pants and blankets. I also accidentally cut out my head. Have I mentioned I am officially a blonde again?

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