Sunday, March 6, 2011


Yesterday I spent the most part of my day shopping. Not at the mall, not at Target, but at estate sales! We found an amazing find the first try, but the next couple did not bring such luck. The amazing thing is, you get amazing things for amazing prices! We also went to Gardener Village and saw a few of their cute shops, and Decades! I am not sure what it is about Decades that makes me so excited, but it does, and I love it! For the high percent of you that dont know what decades is, it is a store filled to the rim with super old, amazing clothes!

I am sad that I do not have any good pictures, but I will fer sure post pictures soon! I have noticed that I have not had a lot of posts involving outfits, but I hope to fix that!


  1. omg i love your new blog background it is so cute and i am in love with your blog i am always excited to come home from school and read your blog because you have a post every day i wish i could do that but i just have no time any way i love your blog its so cute and your clothes oh my gosh are so hot TTYL -cierra barger

  2. Thanks so so much! It makes me happy to know someone reads this blog at all...haha! Im still trying to get the whole setup + background, well, setup!