Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just kidding..

So, my day started out like any other, until fourth period. I had learned that The City of Fallen Angels came out a month earlier than I had thought it would. Oh, did I mention this is my favorite series? So, in a rush, I went home, found money, and waited for my mom to pick up my sister so she could take me to Smiths to buy the book. Smiths did not have the book. I then bought an Itunes gift card so that I can buy the audiobook. When I came home, I put on the code, and big suprise! I am one dollar short. Is this not the biggest blow to the face? I am in an extremely bad mood right now, and am taking this out on my blog. Now, I hope to post again today, but in case I dont, here. I posted and that is a lot more than I could say in this entire week. I think I am going to go live the rest of the day out in my room.

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  1. Awwe sorry to hear that you had a bad day. Don't worry, tomorrow is a brand new day.