Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Day at Grandma's

Lets get one thing clear. No one is going over the river, and through the woods. Why? Becasue no one can get over the river, silly.

Because of all the snow from this winter, the duck pond flooded and is basically a lake instead. Today was in the 100's and I loved it! Most people think I am crazy for this, because I love the triple digits! I think it feels so good-especially after all of those cold months! I only have one picture from my grandma's house, because I am saving the rest. These "special" pictures deserve a post of their own that I will be sure to post tomorrow morning.

Ducks first, geese after. Maybe there is a special social status here?
This is the pond where I found my turtle. I am so sad that I dont have it anymore, but it stunk too much, and my dad made me give it away after - three years? yes, I think it was three.

I love this goose. "Choo lookin' at me?"

...and here I am, back home. I had to share my outfit.

shirt- Smiths; skirt-?; bracelet- thrifted; necklace- great grandma's;

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