Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tissue Paper PomPom DIY

This is my take on the tissue pompom. I was paid to make some for my sisters tea party, which I am sure I will post about as well! So, thanks for choosing my DIY, and have fun making these!


  • Tissue paper (8 sheets per pompom)

  • wire

  • scissors

step one:

lay eight sheets of tissue paper down, and fold them front to back (accordian style) like if you were making a fan

Step two:

tie wire around the center of the folds and tie. Make a loop so the poms have something to hang from. I didnt really tie a good loop, I just twisted and knotted randomly!

Step three:

cut the edges. You can make them rounded, or just play around with shapes! Make sure to use good scissors, because it can be tough to cut through them. I ended up searching the house for usable sicssors until I gave in, and used our (clean) kitchen shears!

Step four:

pull the tissue sheets out one by one. Be very careful so you dont rip them like I did on my first try!

Step five:

pull out the other end, and hang them!

Hehe! Here is the sunburn I was telling you about earlier! This picture really doesnt do it justice though!


  1. AAAADORABLE! those are so so HOT! i think i am going to ATTEMPT to make them! :) those are so cute!

  2. This is a fun tutorial. I can't wait to try it with my god daughter.