Saturday, June 18, 2011

Reality Check

I saw a post on Delightfully Tacky, and ever since, I have wanted to do one! And so, here it is.

  • I wish I would wake up earlier. I just sleep in and lately, I just feel so lazy! I want to exercize, but when it comes do actually "doing" instead of "talking" its usually a dud.

  • I am often frustrated and critical of myself. I am trying to fix this.

  • I love to dress up, but sometimes, I look in my closet full of clothes, but I have nothing to wear. Ya know?

  • I hate zits. Whenever I feel a particular zit is too noticable, I tend to stop taking pictures for outfit posts, which really does result in almost no posts at all. I just forget that every other teenager has zits. This fits in the frustration category.

  • I get bored with my hair too quickly. I want to dye my hair an "unnatural color" but because I have parents who do not see the beauty in colorful hair, I work with what I can. In past cases, this ends up with me cutting waist length hair above my shoulders, and going from a blonde, do a very dark brunette.

  • I am a child at heart. I love to forget the problems in the world, and just play pretend.

  • Im a night owl. I feel most creative at night. This is why I sleep in.

  • When I was little, my grandparents babysat me while my parents worked. I would make my parents sit down while I danced and sang. I was born to be a performer and I knew it. The only problem is- I would perform for literally hours and would not let my grandparents leave the couch.

  • I want to make myself a better person. I want to be positive and happy all the time. I think this is something everyone should want.

Here is my challenge for you: create your own reality check post. Ready? Go!

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