Saturday, September 3, 2011

Its the Little Things...

  • Like surviving week two of highschool!

  • People commenting on my Luna Goodness everyday this week

  • My chinese teacher asking me something in chinese. I have no idea what he is saying, so he tries to explain it to me in chinese. Joy.

  • Carrying Cap n' Crunch with me everywhere I go. Two more cereal boxes plus $3.95 and I am getting that T- Shirt!

  • I got my button up!

  • Sewing class with Nina- She was winding her bobbin, and the spool of thread shot off of her machine against the wall. I love you, dear.

  • The school asking me to change my shorts (that were not very short at all!) when the girl a few yards from me was wearing daisy dukes with her bum falling out of them!

Hope you guys had a fun week!

1 comment:

  1. I remember I used to get hounded for dress code all the time when I was in school. Can't believe they didn't even tell other girl to change her shorts. Hope the 3rd week of school is better. Have a great weekend!