Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tips on Estate and Garage Sales, and Thrifting!

Hello, friends! Here are my tips on what I think you should know about Thrifting!

Before we get into details, Im going to start with research. I look on KSL for estate, and garage sales. Key words I look for in the description are: estate, vintage, antique, grandma's stuff, clothes, jewelry, ect.

Estate Sales:

  • An estate sale is when someone has died, or is moving, and the family is selling what is inside the home. This can be a few rooms, or everything- including the kitchen sink.

  • Always have cash!

  • I always look for clothes and jewelry first while my mom goes for the kitchen items. I dont want someone else to take the things that I have an interest in, so I make a rush and grab what I want and meet up with my mom after.

  • After I make a bee-line for the room that I know holds the things I love, we slowly go through all of the rooms. Look in every corner and box. Treasures can be hidden anywhere. If you see cedar chests, open and go through them! Sometimes dresses and coats will be hidden under the top layer of stuff that dont look interesting to you.

  • Dont forget to check for rips, stains, and make sure what you want isnt broken.

  • Dont feel shy about asking for a discount price. They probably will give you one.

Garage Sales:

  • Garage sales are basically people trying to get rid of items they dont want, get rid of junk, or want to earn quick money. This is why I prefer estate sales, but dont let me discourage you! I have found so many amazing deals at them!

  • Again, always have cash.

  • Garage sales will usually be cheaper because the owners typically do not know what things are worth.

  • Bargain, bargain, bargain. Ask for lower prices if you dont want to pay what they are selling for.

Thrift stores:

  • Make sure you have lots of time; going through all of their racks takes time.

  • Dont get discouraged, because there are usually just a few really good items in thousands good items.

  • Lots of times, there will be discount days. This is a double bonus!

  • Keep an eye out for vintage items!

  • Go often. I try to go once a week.

I hope my tips helped out! Happy hunting!

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