Friday, September 16, 2011

Its the Little Things...

  • Like having a Roxberry for lunch!

  • painting my nails really pretty colors!

  • sewing my first project! Its a pillowcase!

  • looking at the Missoni bike!! Anyone have a few hundred dollars to spare!?

  • falling in the wet hallway. I swear-every time i wear my kitten heels I slip.

  • new vintage clothes from Savers!

  • I got all the cereal boxes! Hooray! I need to mail it in, so I can get my free t-shirt!


  1. hahaha!!! way to eat that cereal!! :)

  2. We definitely need to appreciate the little things. I kind of just made a similar post. I love painting my nails, it instantly makes me feel a little better about my day! :) -Lo