Friday, November 11, 2011

What I Wore 11-11-11!

Have you guys started planning your wish for tonight? I haven't. I am totally still planning it out. Do I want to wish for great estate sale finds tommorrow? Or do I want to wish for something more along the lines of world peace or eternal happiness? Either way, my wish will be a good one. My biggest problem will be staying up until 11:11. I never changed my clock forward an hour. Or back. Whatever we were supposed to do, it wasn't done. I haven't slept all week, so I go to bed early- as in 8-9:00 early. And then I am up by 5am. I'm fighting to keep my eyes open already and it is... 7:56. Joy.

Tshirt- Forever 21..??; Vintage Skirt-Thrifted; Booties-Dillards; Bracelets- Gifted;

Since I am bound to be up before the sun and everyone else in my family, maybe I will work on a tutorial for a hairbow...yes? Anyway, happy 11-11-11 everyone! Make the last bits count!

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