Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hair Bow Tutorial!

I figured it was time for me to share my secret on how to style a hair bow. And I had nothing else to do at 5:30 am. My bizzare sleeping habbits have led to something productive!

What you need:

  • brush

  • bobby pins

  • hairspray

  • one or two ponytails.

Lets begin!

  1. Tie your hair off into a high ponytail- Where your pony is tied off will become the center of your bow so really get it up there! It helps if you flip your head upsidedown. Hairspray.

2. Put in another ponytail but this time leave a tail- You can combine the first two steps, but I like to use two for extra hold. If you have layers like mine, make sure to keep the tail fairly long. This will be important later. Hairspray.

3. Pull apart the bun into a fan-type-thing - Bobby pin the ends. Hairspray.

4. Add more bobby pins to the bottom and don't forget the back! The back is always something I seem to forget. Hairspray!

5. Seperate the fan in two equal sections- Be careful and make sure the sides are even. You don't want a lopsided bow! Hairspray.

6. Take the tail and wrap it over your two sections of hair- For girls with layers, this will be the most frustrating part. A tip that helps is to hairspray and twist it before you pull it over the rest of your hair. Bobbypin and hairspray.

7. Keep adding hairspray and pinning your hair back- This can take some time if you want to perfect it, so just be patient! Fiddle around with your bow until you are happy with the outcome. More hairspray!

Finished! Hairbows are fun, easy, and impressive if you have the time to master them! It really does take practice, so don't give up on your first try! I hope this helped some lovely ladies out there! You can see examples of me wearing my hair bow: Here, here, and here!


  1. Thank you!!! :):) This is one of the cutest hair-do's ever!!