Monday, October 17, 2011

What I Wore 10-17-11

You can bet I got looks in the hallway today in school. I finally broke out ye olde hair bow. Most were approving looks, with the occasional ," Oh my gosh! Look how cool her hair is!" thank you, thank you. But some were dissaproving with the occasional,"She is so weird." And to those people I say: you clearly do not know how to have fun! Normal is boring! I promised to do a hairbow for school a week ago, but it was red ribbon week. Which meant dress up days, and I didnt want to look like I was dressing up. I know I have been slacking off on posting, and I am truly sorry guys! I need to step it up.
Shirt- Thrifted; Skirt- Thrifted; Shoes= Khols; Necklace- Thrifted; Earings- Thrifted;


  1. Great outfit, and the fact you have a hair bow is even more amazing! You should do a hair bow post step by step if you can, it would be super duper interesting!


  2. You HAVE TO do a tutorial for this...I have quite long hair and the tutorials are always for medium hair. Any suggestions?