Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Getting Real: Healthy Eating

I am not going to lie. I struggled with my new lifestyle in the beginning(and I still do sometimes). Just to give you an example of how I used to eat, I'll tell you what Alli and I ate for lunch once:

  • Totinos frozen pizza

  • 12Frozen chicken nuggets

  • tater tots

  • french fries

  • 4 breadsticks

We split this. Pretty bad, hu? Want to hear the worst part? We ate the entire thing. No left overs. So yes, I anticipated this to be my worst nightmare. I had tried "eating healthy" and diets before but they lasted for a solid two days to a week and a half. I would lose what I wanted, then gain it back plus more in the next two weeks. But this is going to be about my current success. I have been going for sometime around three weeks. I keep a food journal with me and write down everything. I am on day fifteen.

I have of course, caved in. cough six brownies cough. That wasnt all I ate, but you get the idea. That birthday party I thought was going to be my downfall. But the next morning I moved on and continued my healthy eating. It isn't super hard now. I have rice chex or oatmeal for breakfast with a grapefruit, eat carrots and celery for a snack, take a sandwich with whole wheat bread for lunch with apples, and have dinner with a grapefruit. The grapefruit gets your metabolism going so you can burn more calories with your meal. I'm just now learning to count calories and add them up for the entire day. I am learning about servings, and what snacks to eat over others. It makes me feel good, knowing that I am changing my life in a positive way.

When Lauren and I have a craving or see a fast food commercial, we talk about how much we hate that food. For example: today at the gas station Lauren found pop-tarts. We love them-very much. We just shook our heads and discussed how icky they taste when you microwave them. Their yummy- I mean nasty, gooey center gets all over everything you touch and it is a pain to lick off your fingers.

I love these things so much! This is what I had for dinner tonight. I loved them before my new lifestyle, and it is nice to have comfort food to get me through this!

Don't they look delicious!? They were. Ready for this? around 295 calories. I still break the ever important rule of stop when you are full. I was full 3/4 of the way through the burger, but ate the rest. And felt sick after. I will work on this.

If anyone wants to start a healthy lifestyle, I recomend looking at this blog! She is such a huge inspiration, and I read it daily! Be sure to check out her before and after! Also, if anyone has good advice or websites, I would love to see them!

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