Saturday, October 1, 2011

What I Wore 10-1-11!!!

Happy October everyone! Im so happy it is finally here! Fall is definitely a favorite season. I love layering clothes, and the fun activities we always do in the family-which means more fun posts!

My dad and I were bored, so we went on a little adventure. We went to Broadbent's! It is an old general store that is filled with little bits of random. I love it. They have really good suckers, but be proud friends. I did not get one. I am eating healthy. So, if anyone has some good advice and recipes, please share!

While my dad and I were taking pictures, a lady stood behind us and watched. After, she was talking to us and asking questions, but because her accent was so heavy, we couldnt understand her well. Eventually we could understand her(I felt bad) and she asked if I was Miss Lehi. When we said no, she asked if I was a model! This sweet lady made my week that much better.
Skirt- Thrifted; Shoes-Dillards; Scarf-Khols; Hat- Thrifted; Earings- Charlotte Russe;

Rings: Bow & feather-Charlotte Russe; Compass-Forever 21; Tree trunk-Thrifted; Bracelet- Thrifted;

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