Monday, October 24, 2011

The Seal Halloween Party

It was time for the annual pumpkin carving contest! Over the years, we lost the contest part, but the family still gets together to carve pumpkins and eat great food! We used to always dress up too- This is the first year Avery and I were the only ones who did.

Carving pumpkins is always so fun for me, and I get so excited! It doesn't take long though for the thrill to wear off when it gets chilly and I am still just scraping the guts out. Cold fingers!Here is my halloween costume! I bought this vintage WWII navy uniform at an antique mall! Isn't it incredible!? It is from last year, but I only had the chance to wear it once so I am wearing it again. I think I am so lucky that it fits! the waist is a little bit big on me, but I am not complaining! This is something that I will keep forever!
I cheated and used a pattern. I know, bad Oakley. But- it turned out so cute, I forgave myself!
Have I kept you waiting long enough to see what pattern I used? It is a Marilyn Monroe witch! It looks better in person, don't worry!
I hope everyone has great halloween fun this comming week!

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