Saturday, October 29, 2011

Its the Little Things...

  • Like going to an estate for two bucks each! I went back for more and paid in my extensive quarter collection. The man wasn't quite as excited when I came back a second time.

  • My dad finaly came estate sale shopping with me and my mom! It was actually his idea to go today!

  • Being rewarded for my soon-to-be honor roll grades! The things I bought at the estate sale were cheap, but quarters wouldnt cover everything I bought!

  • Working on my first photo an hour post! I will have it up tomorrow!

  • All of the sweet comments I have recieved about my hair bow. Dont worry, I will have a DIY post up!

  • Getting so many chances to wear my Halloween costume- I love every second of it!

  • I finished my pajama pants in sewing class! I was rushed, and I am not the best but they are wearable! I figure all the ugly things will be worth the amazing things I will sew in the future!

  • Last weekend I was in St. George laying outside in a swimsuit. I miss it.

  • I just had an incredibly amazing week, hope next week is just as fun if not better! Wish me luck on eating healthy for Halloween! We will find out how much control I have... Happy Halloween everyone!

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