Saturday, October 8, 2011

Its the Little Things...

  • Like being asked if I was Miss Lehi or a model. Who wouldn't be in a good mood after that?

  • Eating healthy- It has been going great! Except for those six brownies yesterday... But hey! They were cut small!

  • Visiting my grandma in the hostpital. Get well soon Grandma! I love you!

  • The mean lady making me salad in the hospital food court...cafeteria? Anyway, I needed my mother's help with what to put on the salad so it would stay healthy. (Im new to the healthy eating/diet thing) The lady totally asked how old I was and when I told her I was fifteen she said,"Wow. And you need your mom's help to order your own food?" Ok, maybe it wasnt a big deal, but it made me feel bad.

  • Coloring book! Coloring always cheers me up.

  • Home made chicken noodle soup. Hello breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Sewing the pockets wrong on my pajama pants in school. Unpicking is not fun. Sewing is just not my thing, but I wont give up!

I hope every one has had a great week! Any fun stories?

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