Monday, November 7, 2011

What I Wore 11-6-11

My favorite posts are always the ones that have Harley in them. She looks like an over-loved teddy bear right now. You know the teddy that you carried around with you when you were little, dropped in the mud, attempted force feeding it, over get the idea. She needs a haircut. She has knots in her fur. But it gets better. She found her old sweater and had us put it on her. No. Really. She dropped it in my mom's hands and had her put it on. Only problem- it is too small. Her arms are poofing out of them. Its very cute. Have no doubt though- This dog has the cutest face you will ever see with the biggest brown eyes.

Vintage Skirt-Thrifted; Button up- Thrifted; Pull over- Forever 21; Socks-Forever 21; Booties- Nordstrom;

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