Monday, January 31, 2011


First thing first- Somebody congragulate me! I have recieved the pathetic sum of 2oo views on my brilliant b average blog! Hooray! Here is my outfit for the day:)

Ok, funny picture, I know. I didnt want to take another one...

The entire outfit is from urban wear. I literally got it off of the manequin! Im excited for tonight. Dance practice! This is the last one before I perform at Timberline! Fun!

In other matters- my mom texted me in class today saying she would give me the money for the shirt I am loving. The freakin six dollars that actually meant something to me Friday night. What are the chances they still have the one shirt still left in my size? We will find out on Wed. Maybe if I have some time, I will also take pictures of me in the dresses I tried on. Which reminds me. I have a treat:) My dear friend Alli uploaded a Picture of us wearing the overalls from Papaya!

Gosh dangit. Alli and her little legs!

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