Saturday, January 29, 2011

Family Outing

Today we left early to visit my grandpa in the hostpital. He is doing much better. In the car, I was playing around with my new camera. After, my parents were planning on going home, but I wanted to do some photography. We stopped at the Rollermills and bought raspberry muffin mix. Yay! My favorite! We took some pictures by the little building next to it and moved on.
We also went to the train museum and took pictures by the train car. Im going to apologise right now because I know my mom, who took the pictures, is no photographer. Then again, neither am I. But I hope to be.
I took the first two pictures
I felt like I had to share at least one picture from the rollermills. This was the best one. My mom took this.
This is from the train museum.
I origionally had a different shirt planned, but i spilled liquid eyeliner on it! Oh no!
Shirt- Nordstrom, Jeggings- Nordstrom, Boots- Forever young shoes, Jacket- Nordstrom rack, Necklace- Forever 21, Earings- Target, Hat- Antique mall

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