Friday, January 28, 2011

To The Mall!

Alli and I went to the mall today! We made many stops, but the most successful were Papaya, Forever21, and Bohme! Papaya had so many outfits! I probably took 20 shirts, dresses, and a pair of overalls in the dressing room! The overalls were kinda crazy, but Im not going to lie. I sorta liked them! There were so many dresses I fell in love with! In Bohme, there was this shirt that I was completely dying over. I had $23 and the shirt was $29. My heart was broken. Alli, being the amazing friend she is, offered to help pay the rest, but I wouldn't let her. I hate knowing that I owe people money! I asked my parents for the six dollars I needed plus tax, but they didn't help out much. Unfortunately, it was the only one left in my size. I left it on hold in case my parents decided to donate to the Oakley Foundation. On my way home from the mall, I realized that I should've used my jar of coins. So, tomorrow, I am praying I can go to the coinstar and the mall. The shirt was that amazing! The shirt that Alli bought has a hole in it apperantly, so she needs to go to the mall again too. They are only holding my shirt tonight, so lets pray no one else loves it like I did! I would love to post pictures, but I forgot my camera, and I cannot figure out how to get pictures from my phone onto the computer! Sorry guys!

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