Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today in school, I was wondering what to post today. And then it hit me-literally. In PE, we were doing archery. When I pulled back and let go of the string, the arrow scraped against my skin. I was supposed to ice it, but I didn't. What a rebel. My arm is red still, but it is fine. My friend Josh did the same thing and it left a little scar. I really hope mine doesn't. Anyway, while looking online, I put together an outfit I would love to own! Here it is!

I would tuck the shirt in

Everything is from I based the outfit off of the pants, which I fell in love with! Modcloth is so cute, and the clothes are pretty affordable too. Maybe one day I will buy the outfit. Speaking of outfits, I am hopefully going to start posting an outfit I wear at least once a week. The last couple days were rough and I was wearing T-shirts. Tomorrow I think I will dress up like I normally do. Well, Dasvidania!

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