Monday, August 22, 2011

What I Wore 8-22-11

Oh, boy. Here we go. Tomorrow morning I will get on a bus. This bus is going to take me to high school. I cannot tell you how nervous and excited I am! The only reason Im nervous is because I have now been inside said school twice. Once for registration, and again (tonight) for back to school night.

I cannot believe it is time for me to join the big kids. I remember fifth grade so vibrantly, and it seems like hardly any time has passed by at all. People keep telling me to make the best of highschool, because when its gone, I will miss it. I plan on making highschool one of the best experiences ever. And so, wish me luck!

Shirt- Urban Wear; Skirt- Forever 21; Bracelet- Target; Rings- Target; Pin- Trifted;

P.S. Here are my nails:) I tried the Sally Hansen nail strips for the first time. Lets see how well they do!

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  1. OAKLEY!! im soo sad im not going to your school anymore :( i might cry! but hey i saw you got a pedicure today! i went to get one and i saw your name on the list haha :)