Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I Wore 8-24-11

Well, today I was running late and only had enough time to snap a picture. (I didnt want to risk nearly-missing the bus again) I think it is funny how it is only the second day of school, but our driver already nicknamed me pretty hair girl. I decided I like the bus driver. Hehe.

School went well for me again! First period was clothes, and I cannot wait to start sewing! Keep in mind, that I am the most unexperienced person ever when it comes to this.
In Chinese I was excited to learn that I actually remember some of the language! I took it in sixth grade, and havent heard it again until now.
Last period was math. Putting us in a trailer that is eighty degrees must be the schools punishment to us for still being in Algebra I.

How has school been for anyone who either is, or knows someone in it!?

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