Friday, August 26, 2011

What I Wore 8-26-11

I think everyone needs a vintage neon green skirt. Believe it or not, its actually brighter in person.

Can I just brag to you for a second(of course I can, this is my blog, isnt it)? I finished all of my math homework and an extra credit paper before class ended. Thats right. Algebra 1 will have to make way for my greatness. Never again will I retake this dreadful class.

That darn belt would not stay in the loop. It ended right where the next belt loop was. We will work on this.
Shirt- Dear Lizzy; Skirt- Urban Renewal; Belt- Forever 21; Shoes- Khols; Necklace- Boutique;

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  1. oh my heck so cute! hey nice job about your math :)