Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What I Wore First Day of Highschool!!!!

Highschool was a complete success. I did not get lost once, and I am pretty sure I made a good impression on the teachers. It was so fun seeing so many friends again- but I didnt see Alli once today! We will have to make sure to meet up for lunch tomorrow. Which brings me to another thing: I GOT TO WALK TO LUNCH! Goodbye icky school lunch, hello fast food! I felt so big eating at Mcdonalds in the play place.

I loved my outfit today- suspenders make me a happy girl. I am also proud of my backpack, with matching binders, folders, and notebooks.

I think it is so funny to see how people dress sometimes. Dressing up, for me, is a must. But some people just showed up in their pajama bottoms and sneakers. I must have been one of the few girls who wore heels. Hehe, silly me.
shirt- Forever 21; Skirt- Forever 21; Shoes-? Backpack- Target; Necklace- Juicy;


  1. HEY!! i love your hair!! what do you use to curl it?? :)

  2. Thanks! I just a (really big barrel) curling iron. hehe, I dont know what size it is :)