Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I Wore 8-30-11

Ah, the awkward foot thing. I had no idea I was doing that when the picture was taken. It is something I have always done, and according to my aunt- it is a Hardy thing.

Im going to tell you a story about my day:

I was just walking into class and sat down. I pulled my book and binder out, while I was waiting for the bell to ring. I look over and two boys were talking. They kept staring. I was wondering if maybe I was having a wardrobe malfunction- but no. I did a quick check. When the girl that sits in front of me walked in, they called her over and started talking to her. The main boy talking kept saying things like "this is freaking me out" and "that is so weird" ...usually not good things you want to hear people say about you. The main boy looks at me. The other boy looks. The girl looks. Then the boy said "Dont look!" In my head I am thinking: you werent so inconspicuous either, dude. By then they must have noticed I knew they were talking about me. This is when the boy turns to me and says, " Im sorry I just have to ask, do people ever tell you that you look exactly like Luna Lovegood?" Instant relief.

Ya, I do get that a lot - especially recently. You know, in case any readers were curious. It has sort of been a joke between some of my friends and me.

Shirt- Nordstrom; Pants- Sears; Longer necklace- boutique; Shorter necklace- Urban wear;

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  1. I asked Jack and Ryan if they thought you looked like Luna Lovegood and Ryan said, “Yah. But Oakley’s hotter!” I had to google her picture to see who she is (sorry not a HP movie goer). I couldn’t believe the similarities! But do have to agree with Ryan!