Monday, October 1, 2012

What I Wore: 9-30-12

 I think this might be the last of my belly shirts for the year.  It sadly isn't summer anymore.  I love them so much so I had to get one last year before fall truly sets in. Has fall set in?

School has been giving me some trouble.  I loved it so much last year but I cannot get into the groove.  A good reason for this is because I am still in the summer mindset.  Waking up and going to classes I don't like (other than my two sewing classes and the occasional good days in AP art) is so hard for me.  Homework is kicking my butt.  I have never been the type to stay up late and sleep in but that honestly is all I want to do.  I look forward to weekends way too much.    I don't know.  School.  Boo.

I cannot wait to graduate and really start my vintage clothing business.  My dream is to buy a vintage 1950s trailer and drive around selling clothes at farmers markets and festivals locally and on road trips.  Once I have enough money saved up I really want to sell out of a store.  And, of course, have sponsors on my blog!

Wow, too many words.  Sorry about all of that.

 Vintage shirt- Estate sale
Vintage pants- Savers
Vintage brooch- Estate sale

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