Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What I Wore: Grandma's Dress And A New Backpack!

 This was my grandma's dress in high school.  I think it is so cool that I can wear the exact same thing she wore at my age!  She gave me this along with a few others she saved with the one rule that I have to wear them to school.  Done and done.

I also made a backpack!  I actually sewed everything in my sewing class last year.  It has just sat in a corner of my room for all of these months because I never bought a drawstring.  I finally got a brain and realized that I could just crochet a chain and call it good.

I took this picture later when I thought you might want to know what the blob on my dress was.  It is a bug!
Vintage dress- My grandma's! 
Vintage pin- Garage sale
Backpack- I made it!
Vintage shoes- Estate sale


  1. Isn't it amazing? I am so glad my grandma kept it! Thanks so much for the nice comment!