Monday, October 1, 2012

September in Review

September seemed to go by so fast until I looked at some of the earlier posts.  That seemed like forever ago!  I am oh so excited to move into October!  My funny dad thought that this month was October and thought that Halloween was next weekend.  Sometimes I wonder how he manages to get work done.  Does he just date everything wrong?

Favorite outfits:

I loved my polka dot shirt with my heart tights!  
I have a feeling that you guys will see much more of these pants this coming season.

Favorite hair:

I like the way my short hair looks curled.  I think this was actually picture day. I never manage to get a good picture...
Favorite craft:

I finally got to show you my finished blanket!
Favorite event:
Of course it was my  Flaming Gorge trip!  I love going up there and boating!

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