Tuesday, October 9, 2012

List of Ten

Good afternoon everyone!  Here is this week's list of ten.  Here are ten things that inspire me!

  1. Vintage fabric with cool prints- I love the color and floral prints!  It makes me want to draw, sew, and just stare at it.
  2. Flowers- I love them so much!  I want them all over my house.  The happy bright flowers aren't in season, darn it.
  3. Pearl necklaces- I don't know what it is but they make me want to dress up every time I see them!  I own so many of them!
  4. Marilyn Monroe- She was so beautiful and classy.  I want to dress like her.
  5. Bright colors- Just like the flowers and vintage fabrics, I love colors in general.  They make me want to create.
  6. Sewing patterns-Just looking at sewing pattens makes me want to become an amazing seamstress!
  7. Crocheted stuff-I want to make everything!
  8. Pinterest- Pinterest is a wonderful but horrible thing.  I spend so many hours on it.
  9. My friends- I have amazing artistic friends that like and make awesome things.  It makes me want to step it up!
  10. Other bloggers!  I love to see other blogs and try to think how I can improve mine.

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