Wednesday, October 3, 2012

List of Ten: Things I Plan on Doing This Fall

Hello friends!  The fall season really seems to be here!  I came home today and it felt like sweater weather!  It even smells like fall now!  This got me so excited that I took all of my summer clothes down to the depths of my basement and swapped out for fall/winter clothes!  Oh I am so ready!  Anyhoo, this fall I plan on:

  1. Eating chili.  Doesn't that sound incredible right now!?
  2. Wearing tights.  I have never really been a huge tights person but I think I am going to go out and buy many pairs this year!
  3. Crocheting hats, scarves, gloves, afghans, and one sweater.  That is my challenge for this season.  Crocheting, finishing, and wearing a sweater, which, just so you know, terrifies me.
  4. Going thrifting more!  I really have not been going at all lately.  I need to step it up!
  5. Going on adventures and have outfit posts not taken in my room.  I am so sick of taking pictures in the same place!
  6. Embroidering something I wear.  I really want to get into embroidery.
  7. I plan on drinking my weight in hot chocolate several times!
  8. I plan on (possibly) teaching myself to knit.  Just to add that to my creative collection.
  9. I want to sew a wool skirt from a vintage pattern.  I have the supplies, and I think that is what I am going to attempt next in my sewing class!
  10. Taking a breath and trying to relax.  I know that my list doesn't typically fit most peoples' definition of relaxing, but making things is totally a form of therapy for me.  
Sorry my post is a day late, it somehow completely slipped my mind!

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