Thursday, October 25, 2012

What I Wore: 10-24-12

 I made a hat!  It took me only two hours!  Yes!  Today feels like a success.  Next on my list is slippers!  I found a picture I like but the pattern costs money that I don't want to spend.  So I will make it up instead!

My friend told me that it was supposed to snow yesterday.  I am so glad it didn't!  I would love the excuse to start wearing my vintage furs but the cold so soon isn't worth it!

 Shirt- D.I.
Vintage skirt-D.I.
Crochet hat- Made by me!!
Vintage shoes- Garage sale


  1. Now is the perfect time for a DIY perhaps?? Or could you post the steps to making your hat? The hat is just too cute and I wouldn't ever take it off if I had one like that!

    Hitchcockesque blog

  2. Maybe I will! It was super easy and I would love to help out!

  3. Love the hat. And the whole outfit. So cute!