Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Recent Finds

 I found an old Perry Como record album at a mill that sells antiques!  I was so psyched I forgot to actually check the inside for the records (my blog title is named after one of his songs).  I bought four for the lovely price for 25 cents!  None of them were Perry Como.  

 I also picked up some more patterns at the D.I.  I am growing my collection very quickly.  I really want to make this dress with a pink-y, floral-y fabric.
 I want to make the blue plaid shirt.  Just like it is on here.
The high waisted pants are amazing!
 More rompers!
I found a new place by word of mouth and the owner is so nice!  She even showed me her stash of vintage clothes she didn't keep on display.
Check out what I bought!  I need to fix a couple rips in the seams of the dress then it is good to go!
 I think this is the coolest vintage jacket I have bought.  The best part?  It is homemade!  Gets me every time.

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